Woods Trail Run @ Thetford Academy
(Saturday, October 2nd, Thetford VT. -- cold, cloudy, 50-55 degrees)

Check the link to "Girls Cross Country Records" on the main page for a list of the top 10 times at Thetford by HCHS runners....

Results (for complete results, you can go to www.Green-Mountains.com):
(679 runners total)
  • Barbara Powell 21:54 (6th/141 in Seed II race, 75th overall)
  • Sarah Powell 22:41 (3rd/132 in Seed III race, 130th overall)
  • Diana DeMont 23:24 (13th/132 in Seed III race, 189th overall)
  • Lauren Veit 24:00 (77th/141 in Seed II race, 246th overall)
  • Kelsey Vershon 25:44 (35th/124 in Seed IV race, 397th overall)
  • Ally Wanat 26:30(63rd/124 in Seed IV race, 463rd overall)
  • Rachel Piedra 27:36(37th/132 in Seed V race, 524th overall)
  • Sarah Piekarczyk 27:41 (42nd/132 in Seed V race, 530th overall)
  • Elyse Desmarais 29:04 (65th/132 in Seed V race, 594th overall)
  • Sarah Laskey 29:34 (70th/132 in Seed V race, 604th overall)
  • Cailene Wagner 31:52 (106th/132 in Seed V race, 651st overall) Team Results:
    Holyoke Catholic 30/57 teams (877 points)